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    Testo Drive 365 Canada To achieve the best results in a short time you need to not be lazy and do them every day. Learn to feel the vaginal muscles. When urinating, hold urine for a while. Thus, your input muscles in the vagina will be tense. Take turns squeezing the muscles of the sphincter and vagina. Do this quickly, repeating up to 20 times. Then you can simultaneously train the muscles and breathing. As you exhale, strain your vaginal muscles, then relax them. Similarly with the sphincter muscles. For the next exercise, you can ask for help from your spouse. During intercourse, try using the vaginal muscles to push the penis out. This exercise will not only be useful, but will bring great pleasure to both of you. Stand up and straighten your back. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, and place your hands on your hips. Start to squat, while bending the knees. Sitting down, linger for a few seconds. Exercises do not necessarily perform all together, you can choose one thing for yourself and train muscles. Start charging immediately after discharge from the hospital. It also happens that none of the training does not help. Then you need to consult with your gynecologist. After inspection, it is likely that he will direct the operation. After a difficult childbirth with ruptures on your own, it is impossible to restore muscles at home, which is why surgical intervention occurs. The time of the operation just a couple of minutes. This procedure is absolutely painless. The essence of the operation is that the surgeon connects the broken muscle fibers. Then you also have to perform the described exercises. Before you begin all the exercises, once again try to stop urine on the toilet. Repeat this with each trip to the toilet. Do not start classes with those exercises that need to be strained, as you do not know exactly what is happening with your muscles. Kegel exercises - 2 way to workout Kegel exercises many sources interpret in different ways. Here is another example of how to do them: Tighten the muscles of the vagina and count to 5, relax them and re-count. Repeat up to 10 times. Exercise and relax your muscles with great speed. But not more than 10 times. Retract the vaginal muscles and imagine that you are holding an object and not letting it go.

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