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    Krygen XL Lack of one night sex Sometimes it is hard to relax with the first girl on the counter. There is absolutely no guarantee that a casual partner will meet all the expectations placed on her. Quite often it happens that a man is simply disappointed in the choice made, but the evening is already irretrievably lost, and the mood is spoiled. But for the fun of it all started. One-time sex with an unfamiliar woman is fraught with all sorts of negative consequences, among which is the possibility of catching a venereal disease (sometimes a whole bunch). Admit it, stupid / inconvenient / embarrassing to demand a medical certificate from a pretty girl sitting next to the bar. It is because of this false modesty that sooner or later many men who abuse one-night sex find themselves in the office of the venereologist-dermatologist. In almost a hundred percent of cases, random connections end, barely starting, without flowing into something bigger and more serious. Naked sex for the sake of sex. But it may be that after a passionate night, you just fall in love with this girl. That is why much one-time sex does not bring satisfaction and happiness. Afterwords we understand that the advantages and disadvantages of one-night sex described above are unlikely to make you do it or, on the contrary, stop it. We did not set a similar goal. We just want you to realize once and for all that sex for one night is entertainment, nothing more. And it must be treated appropriately (easily and without regrets). Do not try to solve your internal psychological problems with it. This will only aggravate the situation. The relationship between a man and a woman. This has already been said so much that it seems to add nothing. But each of us at least once in our life faces a crisis of confidence. And I want to believe the closest and closest person, but something does not give rest. Carelessly thrown phrase, view, action. And mental agony begins. Cross, forget or get to the bottom of the truth? The main thing is to firmly decide for yourself once and for all - why do you need it?



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